Please find the video, audio and text conversations of the latest faculty research and scholarly activity here. This page will feature faculty with publications, active research agenda, presentations and exhibitions (includes fine and performing arts).

Huffman_video_thump_295x166Dr. Jane Huffman: Biology and Wildlife Forensics [March 26, 2014] – 19:12
Dr. Jane Huffman talks her research and gives information about the ESU’s Wildlife Forensic Laboratory which helps assisting wildlife conservation officers in determining if a wildlife law has been broken.

Eliasson_video_thump_295x166Dr. Johan Eliasson: Politics of International Trade Agreements and European Union [April 2, 2014] – 15:10
Dr. Eliasson talks about his research on political science and explains the significance of transatlantic relations between the US administration and EU Council especially around the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Hunt_video_thump_295x166Dr. James Hunt: Importance of Marine Biology and its Significance for the Environment [September 11, 2014] – 16:14
Dr. Hunt talks about his research interest on deep sea biology, and explains its potential influence on global climate. Dr. Hunt is a member of the PICASSO Research Team based in Japan.

brooks_295x166Dr. Christopher Brooks: Transforming History Scholarship for the Marketplace [December 18, 2014] – 18:46
Dr. Brooks explains the precedents that influenced his scholarship to become more compatible to the marketplace exigencies as his expertise on German legal law history grounds a guideline text for the business people.

gasper_295x166Dr. Marcia Gasper: Nursing Education and Clinical Simulations [September 11, 2014] – 11:56
Dr. Gasper talks on her expertise and scholarship on using clinical simulations in nursing education to help students develop necessary skills they need to deliver and practice safe and effective patient care.

Heon KimDr. Heon Kim: Religion, Conflict and Peace [December 10, 2014] – 32:33
Dr. Heon Kim discusses his scholarship about the multicultural approach to comparative religious studies focusing  especially on conflict resolution, peace and social justice.


Fred MisurellaDr. Fred Misurella: Literature, Creative Writing and Authorship [March 3, 2014] – 10:25
Dr. Fred Misurella discusses his scholarship and experience as a creative writer explaining his work in genres of fiction, non-fiction and journalistic writing.


Paul LippertDr. Paul Lippert: Media Ecology and Modernity [February 26, 2014] – 36:32
Dr. Paul Lippert discusses his research and ideas on connections between Media Ecology and Modernity specifically demonstrating its opposition in Romanticism and Mannerism.